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What a year!

If you, like myself, have the feeling that we should be in August around now, then yes, it’s been another one of ‘those’ years – it just flew by! But no wonder, if you look at all the things that happened this year, it’s mind boggling.


January started out as always with cold, dreary weather and an annual national feeling of anti-climax after the holidays and the realization that, yes.. another year has been and gone.


February is always my worst month, because it’s the time when ‘King Winter’ really shows his face. I fall for it every time! I have the feeling that we’re almost through with Winter and then it comes – in bucket loads of nastiness and other horrible wintery phenomenons. Thankfully it’s a short month. Looking back, the news was dominated by the start of the Willem Holleeder trial, which is still an on-going story, and the Winter Olympics in South-Korea.


March had the promise of Spring and thus provided hope and some of the first sunny moments. In Germany, Angela Merkel was re-elected and in Salisbury, England the Russian Sergej Skipal and his daughter were poisoned. As the story unfolded, it was almost like an Agatha Christie novel with intrigue, espionage, underhanded dealings, and a dash of (attempted) murder and mystery thrown in.


April finally showed the true promise of Spring, with rather warm (12,2 degrees) weather for the time of the year, but Easter was colder than Christmas, so that was a bit of a bummer. But hey, the American President keeps telling us that climate change is all ‘fake news’ so perhaps it wasn’t strange at all to have frozen Easter eggs. It’s also the month when Facebook fell flat on its face and started losing millions of followers around the world. The beginning of the end of this Farce(book)?


May was the warmest in 300 years!!!! Wow, I enjoyed that! But again, the American President remains on point with the message that it’s all fake and there is really nothing strange going on weather-wise in the world. Yeah Right Mr. President.


In June we witnessed the blossoming of the Bromance between Trump and Kim Jong-un and what an attractive couple they made. On the 26th De Telegraaf was attacked by two guys in a car that they rammed into the Telegraaf building. Dutch reaction: you do not touch our press! And rightly so! And in Turkey, Erdogan is re-elected. No comment.


Trade war galore in July – after starting a trade war between the US and Europe, Trump now initiated a trade war with China. Smart move…? Me think not.

OK I have to mention this, as I know our national pride got a huge wallop in the face this year when our national football team seriously F%&$-up. The World Cup party went on without us as the Orange Lion left the stadium with his tail between his legs. Oh, but we did have the longest eclipse of the moon of the 21st century and Holland turned into the tropics this July. We had the most amazing weather.


August made us realise that yes indeed we do live in Europe and not the tropics, as a bit of a Summer dip overtook the warm weather, but overall a very fine, relaxing month. News-wise it was very much ‘Cucumber time’.


September and the working world is back in action and fully loaded for the busy months ahead. On the 20th the nation is shocked by the tragic accident, when a ‘stint’ filled with very young children was overrun by a train in Oss.


In October, After a long and successful career in politics, D66 leader Alexander Pechtold announced his retirement from politics. On the 18th and 19th, the EU came together in Austria for the EU Summit and of course the main topic is Brexit to see if all sides could agree the terms of UK’s withdrawal agreement. Of course not!


November came and went – just flew by in my perception. Zip and it’s December. Could be because JK Rowling started spreading her magic again with the premiere of Fantastic Beasts, the Crimes of Grindelwald. Something I’m looking forward to this Christmas holiday! And I really have to mention the launch of latest BBC Earth program ‘Dynasties’. Another awesome installment from Sir David Attenborough (one of my absolute favourite people in the world) and team.


And now it’s December again and everyone is preparing for the Festive celebrations. The days are dark and dreary, the shops are overflowing, e-commerce is thriving, the roads are chock-a-block with delivery vans and everyone is in a hurry. News this week was that ‘Blokkeerfries’ has been chosen as the word of the year for 2018 and that completely sums up the beginning of this month and the hoopla around Sinterklaas.

But I think we can all agree: what a year it’s been!

Wishing you all much love and happiness during the festive season and if you are going to play with fireworks, be sure to stay safe!

Happy 2019 – Cheers!

Marguérite van der Heijden