Other services.

Core messaging sessions

A set of clear core messages forms the basis for effective integrated PR. Messages that immediately explain what your business does, what your core values are and why you do what you do. But such messaging is not something you just make up quickly. They require an objective look, insights into your market, as well as understanding of your business activities and your USP’s.

During a core messaging session, one of our senior consultants will summarize these key points about your business and your market. Based on these points, your will jointly generate a number of core messages. These core messages are then used in all forms of communication.

Media training

An interview with a journalist can result in a great newspaper or magazine article, of perhaps even a broadcast item. But how do you make sure that the journalist will actually pay attention to your messages? Do you know exactly what you want to say and – maybe even more importantly – what topics you want to avoid? How should you respond to critical questions?

A media training by one of our experienced journalists ensures that you are fully prepared for an interview and know how to avoid possible pitfalls. You will get practical tips and learn how to turn an interview to your advantage.

Should you doubt the benefits of a media training, we recommend that you watch this TV snippet on YouTube (in Dutch)…

Press events

A press event is an excellent way to bring your message to the attention of the media in an appealing way. And it gives your the chance to strengthen your relationship with key journalists. MCS PR can organize a complete press even for you, including location, catering and of course with the right journalists. For this, we work with creative event agencies, to shape our ideas for your brand and bring them to life.

MCS PR will help you prepare, we will provide the necessary technological tools and we can also provide interesting guest speakers. This way, we help create a ‘Wow!’ effect for the launch of your product or brand, reaching the right media and ultimately, your target audiences. An event is also ideal for vlogs and short video clips, which can then be shared on social media.