Newsjacking is a powerful PR tool,
but you need to act quickly!


Newsjacking is a PR method in which you inject your ideas or opinions into current news in real-time, to generate media generate for you or for your business.

Newsjacking is not something new. Latching onto current news stories is something that PR agencies and opinion leaders have been doing for years. Advertisers and marketeers use newsjacking to put their brand in the spotlight and get noticed. This often happens around major events, such as the Oscars, the world championship football or the Olympics. National holidays and April 1st are also favorite candidates for ‘hijacking’.

Example: breaking news by Coolblue

With the rise of social media, newsjacking offers new opportunities for PR. Where you used to be dependent on the media and on editorial approval to get you opinion out there, you can now use a blog to easily share your opinions, views, ideas and new insights about a topic.

Newsjacking creates a level playing field. – literally anyone can newsjack. What is required, is alertness, fast reaction time and being able communicate clearly. But bear in mind: the media tends to be averse to commercial messages, so try to avoid marketing and sales speak. From a PR perspective, it is about your expertise and your opinion, about adding a new dimension to the discussion. For marketeers it is key to bring your brand to the attention in a way that is unexpected and charming (preferably with a sense of humor and self-depreciation. That way, people will be more willing to share your tweet, post or video. When people start talking about it on social media, this can generate great attention to your brand.

Newsjacking is powerful, but only when done in real-time. The key is to take advantages of opportunities as they happen, at the moment that they are in the media. And that tends to be only very briefly. If you are able to add a new dimension to the story in real-time, the media will likely write about you.