The best resuls for your business.
That is what MCS PR stands for.

Focused on results

Focused on results? Yes, of course we are! But what exactly do we mean by ‘results’? Measurement is the key, of course. But what do we measure and what does that tell us? Measuring quantity – the number of publications – is of course standard. But we can also look at sentiment and tone of voice. And we also want to know whether our clients’ communication strategy is on course for the set goals, or whether we need to adjust in order to achieve the desired result.

And what about the actual ROI of PR investments? This question is usually about new customers and increased revenue. And it is not an easy question to answer, altough there are increasing possibilities to tie (ususally paid) publications to leads. We look at a combination of quantity and quality, with the quality of the published articles in the lead. We als monitor how your share-of-voice is developing.

But there is an other way to define ‘results’. How valuable is preventing reputation damage from defective products or a security breach? What is the worth of effective crisis communications? In the end, PR remains a people’s business. That is why we prefer to see ourselves as a true partner, rather than ‘just’ and external advisor. Together, we can achieve the best results for your business!