Enterie PR network

Enterie: a Eurpean PR network

If you want to grow, you have to scale up. For tech startups and more mature technology companies geographical expansion is a natural way of growing. If you are looking for  tech PR partners who will help you launch your business on new markets, we are a perfect match. Enterie is an international network of tech PR agencies specialized in digital economy, helping fast growing, innovative brands scale up in Europe and in US.

Tech PR

“If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on PR” – if you read this text most probably you are not on this page by accident, and you know the weight of Bill Gates’s words. Tech industry needs PR as much as any other industry, maybe even more. It  especially applies to innovative ventures, product and services. New technologies have to be explained, new brands have to gain trust, new business services have to be promoted. That is why you need a tech PR agency who understands technology – with the right experience, right knowledge and right relations.

PR for startups as well as for growing companies

PR is usually a long run. You need time to build your brand and awareness of your product or service. You need time for your client get to know you and trust you. And there is no time for long runs.

In case of tech startups pivots are natural steps in development process. Your product can change, your service can change, your business model can change. Does it make sense to invest in PR? The answer is yes. However, tech startups have special PR needs. They need to focus on building a brand, its recognition and credibility. They need agile services, shorter engagement and constant evaluation. They need effective actions and fast results.

Once they become more mature and stable, it is time for a long term activities – taking care of reputation, building long term relations, assuring a decent share of voice and a right positioning. No matter if you are a startup or a mature tech business – you need a PR agency which adjusts to your current needs and stage of development.Internationaal groeien

Succesfully entering new markets with Enterie

PR and marketing become crucial when you want to enter a foreign market. New market entry seems to be easier for tech companies, especially those which provide services online or sell their products online. However, even if your product is global, your clients remain local. And you can’t afford to ignore it. When you enter a new market, you need someone to introduce you to your public – your business partners, influencers, customers, media. Someone who will help you gain credibility and visibility. Also someone who will help you omit missteps, traps and avoid faux pas.

Partners of Enterie network are highly specialized in new technologies – from hardware to software, from eCommerce to fintech. All of us have significant experience in launching new brands on our local markets as well.

We are all independent tech PR agencies – able to give you the best local knowledge and local touch. We have no corporate overlords, which makes us flexible, agile and cost-effective. Still, we can provide you with aligned services coordinated by a leading agency for your convenience.

We offer a wide range of PR and marketing services, starting with market research and analysis, through message development to shaping you communication strategy.

We do media relations, pitch your story to the press, organize interviews and dispatch press releases. We build your relations with partners, influencers and other stakeholders.

Long story short: we simply do media. No matter if they are paid, earned, shared or owned.

Our network is available in the Benelux, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, the UK and Sweden.