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Perlita is a leading expert on IT. Ever since the first PC appeared, she has been spotting PR opportunities no-one else could see. And she knows how to make the most of them. If not one way, then the other. In her role as Account Director, she remains closely involved in the agency’s day-to-day operations. That also enables her to share her in-depth knowledge and understanding of communications with her colleagues at MCS on a constant basis. Apart from work, Perlita loves the good things in life. She especially enjoys good food, shopping, and interesting travels. And her labrador can always count on her full attention.


Peter is the silent force behind MCS PR. As the agency’s cofounder, co-owner and Financial Director, he keeps the show on the road. So that the rest of the team can focus fully on servicing clients and media. For Peter, the ultimate pleasure is a good beef tenderloin or an Indonesian rice table. He also enjoys everything The Hague has to offer, especially a “Terrific” from sandwich shop Dootje. PR projects benefit from his creative mind.


Marguerite is our native English speaker. As 3rd generation ‘airline brat’ she has lived in many countries around the world before settling in the Netherlands. Marguerite is also our ‘come-back kid’ as she initially joined MCS in 2000 till 2003 and returned in 2010 as senior PR consultant. With her background, it’s no surprise that Marguerite was a marketing communications manager in the airline industry for many years before switching to PR. Marguerite still has the ‘travel bug’ and loves to discover new cultures and people. A keen gardener, she thrives as soon as spring appears and the ‘outdoor’ season has commenced. PS: Ze spreekt ook Nederlands.


As a Senior Content Consultant, Arnout knows how to make a complex message comprehensible, accessible and exciting for any target audience. Drawing on his journalistic experience, he helps clients tell a distinctive and newsworthy story. Arnout boasts an extensive knowledge of IT topics, and keeps right up to date with the latest developments. Always abreast of the news, his interest in science and technology is as personal as it is professional. Arnout is a fan of Monty Python, and in his free time teaches Rock ’n Roll and Lindy Hop dancing.


The media trainer and storyteller at MCS PR is called Hans. As a Senior Content Consultant, he knows how to make a technology message relevant by linking it to current social and economic developments. Hans challenges the client to join him in spotlighting their organization’s vision by devising very special stories about it. In his spare time, Hans composes music – with aid of computers, of course – and in the analog world he loves tweaking guitars and valve amplifiers.


Carroll has spent more than 25 years in IT PR, serving both the consumer and business markets. She was previously a PR and Event Manager at Microsoft and Press and PR Manager at congress center Amsterdam RAI, and also spent several years running her own communications business. What drives her is making clients shine in the media! Carroll derives her huge energy from sports like dance fitness and competitive badminton.


Jolanda is a freelance Communications Strategist who has been active in IT for more than 25 years, gaining all-round experience in marketing and labor market communications as well as PR. In her free time she likes to be found on the volleyball court or in the kitchen. But the place she really loves is Bonaire. And she cherishes friendships. In fact, she has written a book about them.