We approach the media the same way as our clients:
open, honest, with enthusiasm and with information that is relevant to them.


MCS PR is focused on results, takes a practical approach and has keen eye for current developments. Our plans are closely tied to our clients’ business goals and are creative, compact and reaslistic in their scope. Of course, our starting point is our clients’ PR budget and what they want to achieve with that. There are no limitless budgets. So this means: come up with the best approach of strategy, make the right choices and then take concrete steps to implement these choices. Overblown plans with unachievable campaigns and activities? We do not make those!

We consider the media our customers too. And for them, it is all about news and facts. We don’t try to fool journalists. We don;t try to right what’s wrong. We approach the media in the same way as our cloents: open, honest, with enthusiasm and with information they can use. Of course we always try to follow our outside-in approach: we ensure that the information we offer on behalf of our clients to readers, listeners, viewers, twitter-user, LinkedIn contact, etc. is absolutely relevant to them.

As a plus, many of our clients are pioneers in tech, with innovative services and products. Always a very interesting source of news for the media.