Earth Day: 22 April 2019

Blog: Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day.

Consider this, there is no life on Mars, Venus or the Moon, only on earth do the crucial elements combine perfectly to enable life.

OK, many of you will say… but hey, we are surely not alone in this huge area we call ‘space’, surely there are other intelligent beings out there.

Now that’s a word: intelligent. I think it depends on your definition of intelligent.

We consider ourselves the most intelligent species on earth. Yet we are the most destructive species of all. The most intelligent species is also the most stupid. Only humans destroy their own environment and keep doing so day after day after day…. So, looking at the big picture, how intelligent are we really?

If you are wondering why we need an Earth Day, it’s so that maybe just one day a year we can refrain from causing havoc to our environment and the other species we share this planet with. If you think this isn’t really necessary or important, visit to wise-up, read and learn. You’re an intelligent human being aren’t you? You can do it!

If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, it’s no surprise that for many, many years now I have been an avid fan of Sir David Attenborough.

Through his ground-breaking nature programs, Sir David has spent his lifetime educating us about the beauty, diversity and the general awesomeness of nature as well as not shying away from speaking passionately about the need for us to change our ways and start taking better care of nature and the animals we share earth with. Now in his 90’s, he is even more outspoken and emphasizes that we really have to change our ways now or we can no longer undo the damage and our lives will change forever.

Like Sir David, I believe that every single species has a crucial purpose in the circle of life. If we eliminate one, it has dire consequences for all others. If we don’t all commit – and I’m referring to each and every one of you, then we should not grumble when nature is upset and fights back. Expect more rain, more tsunami’s, more floods, more extreme storms, tornado’s, hurricanes, wild fires, earthquakes and scorching temperatures in summer. And don’t blame others when earth is so overpopulated it can no longer feed all of us, or provide clean drinking water or has any unpolluted air left. Don’t be the one who has to tell your grandchildren that you thought other things were/are more important in your life. I sincerely hope you are more intelligent than that!

So today, in recognition of Earth Day, do something new! Join the largest environmental movement in the world (or should I say on Earth?). Commit to doing something positive to slow down the roller-coaster that is climate change, drink from a glass instead of from plastic and if you do, throw it in a bin instead of the street, river, ocean, forest, beach, park…etc, etc, etc. Or join one of the many worthwhile charities truly committed to protecting endangered species.

And once you have done that, reward yourself by watching one of the awesome nature series available today. Through technology, they show you the earth as you have never seen it before, from new perspectives and angles, but also more intimately and very up-close and personal. The best ones are narrated (of course) by the soothing and globally recognizable voice of David Attenborough. Enjoy what your earth gives to you and celebrate the beauty all around you. You know, it might be gone tomorrow!

Marguerite van der Heijden
Senior Consultant MCS PR