Let our content specialists create relevant blogs or strong opinion articles
bylined by your or by one of your employees.

Blogs & opinion articles

Well written articles by your employees can make a major contribution to strengthening your company reputation and image. This content – blogs, stories, opinion articles, etc. – is published on your website and is then shared via social media. But MCS PR can also arrange for this content to be published in the media or on independent content platforms, considerably increasing the reach.

But not everyone is a natural writer. An employee can have unparalleled expertise, a director or manager can have a very strong opinion or view, but are they able to put these thoughts clearly into words? And do they even have the time for this? After all, they should be focusing on the business.

Let MCS PR create this content for you. Based on personal input by your employees, combined with our specific knowledge of the market, our content specialists will create a personal blog or strong opinion piece bylined by your employee or manager. Of course, containing the right messages and with the right tone of voice for your target audiences. In this way, you are assured of high quality, relevant content that clearly communicates your expertise and your vision, without taking up unnecessary time from your employees.