Our team of experienced professionals posesses an optimal mix of talents.
This allows us to support your business with effective and impactful PR and that produces results.


The way we communicate is constantly changing and evolving. MCS PR closely follows all developments and uses the latest communnication technologies and methods, without letting go of tried & proven practices. The integration of PR and social media with marketing communications creates exciting new opportunities and leads to better results. If needed, we use external experts with other disciplines to augment our own skills, for ‘360 degrees communications’. With our deep knowledge of technology and insights into current market developments, we ensure that your messages reach your intended audiences. In this way, we help you stand out from the competition and help you achieve a top-of-mind position.

Our strentgh lies in our ability to put new developments into the right context. And even though we have more than 26 years experience in tech PR, we continue to learn and innovate. With an optimized mix of rtalents and skills we can support your business with effective and impactful PR. From developing viewpoints and vision, messaging sessions and thought leadership programs, all the way to product launches and developing creative concepts that get noticed.

PR remains a people’s business. That is why our relationship with you is our number one priority. We do not see ourselves as an external advisor, but act as a true partner. Together, we will achive results that take your business to the next level.