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Short on promises. Big on results.

Some recent results:


AG Connect: artikel over de aankondigingen tijdens Pure Accelerate 2019.


Executive-People: blog over Intelligent Spend Management, door Pino Spadaro, Head of SAP Concur Benelux.


BlogIT: blog over toenemende complexiteit van security, door Michel Schaalje, Directeur Security Cisco Nederland.


ICT&Health: blog door Theo van Teylingen, Regional Director Benelux & Nordics, Pure Storage.


DataNews: Pure Storage klantencase Reynaers Aluminium


KantoorVak: interview met Wilco van Bezooijen, Algemeen Directeur Veenman, over het 100-jarig bestaan van het bedrijf.


Executive-People: videoreportage over SAP Concur Fusion EMEA in Londen.


Dutch IT-channel - interview met Wilco van Bezooijen, Algemeen Directeur van Veenman, over het 100-jarig bestaan van het bedrijf.


ChannelConnect: verslag van het Barracuda-partnerevent 2019


Algemeen Dagblad - artikel over het 100-jarig bestaan van Veenman.


IT-Executive: blog SAP Concur over de zorgplicht van organisaties voor reizende werknemers.


BlogIT - Blog door Arjan Karssen, Business Solution Manager van Veenman, over het 100-jarig bestaan van het bedrijf.


Techzine - interview met André Brugman van Cisco Nederland, over WiFi 6.


BlogIT - Blog door Aad van Boven, CEO van SecureMe2.


IT Executive - Blog door Arjan Karssen, Business Solution Manager bij Veenman.


Telegraaf - artikel over de overname van het Nederlandse Usabilla door SurveyMonkey


Sprout - Interview met Angelos Stavrakis van SafeSize, over een nieuwe investering van 10M


Techzine - technisch artikel over StorReduce van Pure Storage


Emerce - byline over Secure Customer Authentication, door Guillaume Princen, Head of Continental Europe, Stripe


BlogIT - blog door Michel Schaalje van Cisco, over de nadelen van 'puntoplossingen' voor security


Blog IT - Blog over duurzaamheid, door Hanneke Mulder, Directeur Marketing & Strategie bij Veenman


Channelweb - Interview met Marc Pauly, channeldirecteur bij SecureMe2, in de rubriek 'Onder Vuur'


Techzine - interview met Alain Luxembourg, Regional Manager Benelux, Barracuda Networks


Computable - interview met Aad van Boven, ceo van SecureMe2


IDG ComputerWorld - klantencase Barracuda Networks.


BlogIT - klantencase Stripe / HousingAnywhere


Computable - artikel over contract Avit met Gemeente Assen


Executive People - interview Theo van Teylingen, Regional Director Benelux en Nordics, Pure Storage

Our core values


MCS PR always strives for a true partnership with its clients, whereby we become your ‘external PR department’. We are not a ‘hit-and-run’ agency, but pursue long-term customer relations and a close collaboration.


With more than 26 years of experience, we are the most experienced tech PR agency in the Netherlands. We know what is happening in the industry and in our society and we help you communicate a strong opinion and a clear vision.


We understand your business. Our diverse talents and tailor-made account teams ensure optimum results, without fancy titles or a management culture. We are open and direct, so you always know where you stand.

Our approach


In order to reach the right target audiences, it is essential to be relevant to them. What is happening with your clients? What business and digital challenges do they face?


MCS PR is always focused on results and responds to real-world, current issues. We approach the media with enthusiasm, open and honest and with information that is relevant to them.

Focused on results

Focused on results? Yes, of course we are! But what exactly do we mean with ‘results’? Measurement is the key, of course. But what do we measure and what does that tell us?

What we do

A sample of the services MCS PR offers

Media relations

The secret to continued success in PR can be found in the relationships an agency has with different media. In the more than 26 years since our foundation, MCS PR has established an unequaled contact network with journalists and editors in virtually all relevant media, from dailies to verticals to bloggers.


Content creation

Easy to read and relevant content is essential in order to reach out and connect with your target audiences. Blogs, press releases, customers success stories, white papers, newsletters, opinon articles, bylines, etc. are basis for an integrated communications approach.


Strategic advice

What can you achieve with PR? In what timeframe and what will that take? Questions that have different answers for each organization. MCS PR has the expertise required to plan and execute a successful PR strategy. It all starts with an understanding of your business, insight into current developments and a sharp eye for opportunities.


Blogs & opinion articles

Well written blogs and strong opinion pieces by your employees can make a substantial contribition to strengthening your company’s reputation and image. This content can be posted on your website or on LinkedIn and shared on social media channels.


Thought leadership

Thought leadership arises from a clear vision and is about much more than expertise and experience. It establishes you as a leader in your industry. MCS PR can support you with a well thought-out plan, we help you focus your thoughts, create relevant stories and choose the right channels to tell these stories.


Press events

A press event is an excellent way to bring your message to the attention of media and to establish or strengthen relationships with key journalists. MCS PR can organize a complete press event for you, including a high profile location and attendance by the right journalists.


Measurement is key

We provide clear insights into the ROI of PR


Media value & reports

Clear reports provide insights into you media value. This offers a good understanding of the ROI of your PR investments!

PR results

Tangible results from your investments. MCS PR takes you to the next level!

Share of Voice & Sentiment

How often does the media talk about you? In a positive way? Our reports offer you clear insights!

Why should you contact us?

Wij helpen u graag!



Working with MCS PR means working with people who have been actively involved with the tech industry for more than 26 years.

Focused on results

We are always available so we can achieve the best results for you.


MCS PR offers unparalleled knowledge and expertise in PR for tech companies.