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“Stimulate the senses with video: deliver a message that appeals to the imagination”

Online communication is increasingly taking place in video format. This development is not entirely unexpected. These days, people don’t want to read long and tedious texts; they’d rather watch a video message on their smartphone or tablet instead. Devices like these are a great medium for getting your message across visually. Want to know the best way to reach your target audience, increase your Google ranking, and boost your social media presence? Then inspiring video messages are the way to go!

5 advantages of video:

  • Video content is ranked higher by Google

  • Videos can be found more quickly on YouTube (the second-largest search engine in the world)

  • Videos have a higher conversion rate than text

  • Rich video content can be used for different purposes

  • Videos reach a wider target audience

Overview of video productions:

Option 1

Suitable for:

  • Vlogs (video blogs)

  • Interviews

  • News item

Option 2

Suitable for:

  • CEO/Management profiling

  • Advertorials

  • Impressions of trade fairs/events

  • Product launches

Option 3

Suitable for:

  • Client cases

  • Corporate Stories: expert series (max. 4 experts), informational videos, recruitment and training videos, team building, corporate videos

  • Vox Pops (street interviews) for a maximum of three videos, each 1:30 long

Option 4

Offer on request:

  • Video clip series with actors/models

  • Expert video series (min. 4 experts)

  • Instructional video series (min. 4 video’s)

  • Vox pop series (min. 4 video’s)